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All the bluestones of the world for the perfect outdoor decor

In the pursuit of the best exterior material that will last for years and will not lose its good looks, the natural stones just need to come to mind. However, the choice of the natural stone tiles is so extensive, that if not being a professional geologist, it can become really hard to choose the right one. Fortunately, the bluestone is usually the obvious choice for many, and that is for a reason.


The Iconic Stones is an Australian company that offers the best natural stone tiles and pavers to their clients, in the most differentiated selection of colours and patterns. The bluestone tiles are also a great part of their range, as of the stone’s great features. Generally, the bluestone is a common name for many various types of the building stones, depending on the location where it is mined. In North America, it is usually a feldspathic sandstone, and in Europe, that would be a limestone. Whereas in Australia and New Zealand the bluestone is how the basalt, dolerites, and slate are known. All those natural building stones are well known for their density, hardness, and durability. This is why the Iconic Stones’ bluestone tiles are of such a great quality and will last for decades.


There are many uses for the bluestone around the house or in the commercial buildings. It is great for the driveways and garden paths. Also, the bluestone pool paving will do the excellent job, as this material is extremely strong. Being exposed to the constant water damage, the sealed bluestone pool paving will endure any kind of conditions it will be put in. Not only it will endure, but it will also be very pleasant to the eye with it timeless and minimalistic vibe. Also, the bluestone stepping stones are a great idea to be considered. The bluestone itself is not only resistant to the damaging power of water but is also surviving even the most severe attrition. The daily use of the bluestone stepping stones, the rubbing and friction they are exposed to will not damage them. It definitely seems like the best option for the outdoor flooring to use the bluestone pavers, no matter what the natural stone those are made of.


The Iconic Stones company is there to help everyone searching for the best quality bluestone for their property. The store’s website gives a sneak-peak into their range of stones and tiles, as well as some ideas on how to use the product in the best possible way. If that is not enough, the company offers their top-shelf products at a very attractive price, making the best quality and design accessible to a wide range of clients.


The bluestone was picked as a building material because it lasts. If anyone wants their property not only to look good but also to last, the Iconic Stones Australia will help in to choose the best natural stone tiles and pavers for every purpose and design.